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Ryan Conforti’s Eagle Project

Ryan Conforti, 18, stands in front of the boat rack he built for the Cohasset Maritime Institute as part of his Eagle Scout Project.
[Wicked Local Staff Photo/ Robin Chan]

Ryan Conforti built a boat rack to benefit of the Cohasset Maritime Institute and the Center for Student Coastal Research. The structure, made of pressure-treated lumber, can hold up to eight boats and can accommodate several kinds of boats such as kayaks, canoes, single rowing boats, and double rowing boats.

Conforti said he and his designated Eagle Advisor, Phil Lehr, remained in constant contact for weeks on end as the two attempted to complete the project before Conforti departed for college on Aug. 18. With the help of Lehr and some of his brother’s friends, Conforti completed the project on Aug. 13, with just days to spare.

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Brent Landquist’s Eagle Project

Eagle Scout Brent Landquist, 18, built a new work bench for the glass recycling shed at the RTF off Cedar Street. Landquist built the
bench in eight hours with the help of nine others. Landquist decided to build the bench for his project because he noticed the DPW
needed a new table as the old one was rusted and had exposed nails. (Wicked Local Staff Photo/Alyssa Stone]

Brent Landquist said the decision to build a new work bench for the Recycle Transfer Facility came after spending large chunks of time at the RTF bottle return station, where Troop 28 would raise funds for trips and other troop activities, and noticing the poor condition the previous work bench was in.

To ensure the bench lasts as long as possible, Landquist used special types of wood that would extend the life span of the piece. Landquist said the quality of the tools used back when the previous bench was constructed 30 years ago are not nearly as (good) as tools are now, and that the new bench should last for close to 70 years.

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Amby Tierney’s Eagle Project

Amby Tierney, 17, of Troop 28 sits behind the anchor desk that he built for his Eagle Scout project. The circular green dot in front of the desk allows them to use any logo that they want to add to the desk via video editing software. [Wicked Local Staff Photo/ Robin Chan]

With the help of his Eagle advisor Ed Gibbons, his father Bill and the volunteers from Troop 28, a 12-piece, red oak desk now proudly sits in the 143 TV studio where it exists not just for high school students, but for the whole town.

The desk also features a green circle on the main portion of the desk that acts as a green screen, allowing it to take on any logo necessary. Tierney said the green screen logo piece is one of his favorite parts of the project.

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Merit Badge University

The Council is running Merit Badge University again in March, 2018.  MBU is held on the mornings of the first, second and fourth Saturdays in the month.  Scouts sign up for three merit badges, which meet for one hour on each of the three days.  MBU is an excellent opportunity to earn merit badges, especially some of the Eagle-required badges that are not available at camp and only irregularly available within the Troop.

ADULTS – in order to participate in MBU, each Troop is required to provide volunteers.  We need to provide one merit badge instructor for every five participating scouts and one general volunteer (think hallway monitor) for every ten.  If 30 scouts attend (which is generally about the number) we need six instructors plus three others.  We also need the driving capacity of that number of volunteers.

Please let me know if you are available and interested in being and instructor or monitor.  If you do not know what you would like to teach, we can provide you with some options.

ALSO – when the sign-ups are announced, we need an adult to help coordinate that process (collecting forms, signing up on line etc.)  Margie Hillman will help you with questions, but this is too much to manage along with the project that is Troop advancement generally.

SCOUTS – watch your email for merit badge signup opportunities.  The Troop will provide you with recommendations about what badges to take.  We generally recommend that no scout take more than two Eagle required badges (always take one for fun) and that new scouts take fewer than that.  There are plenty of options, and we will circulate the list when it becomes available.

Please respond with your questions, but even more so with your willingness to volunteer.


Sully Mulhern’s Eagle Project

Sully Mulhern, 17, of Troop 28 holds up a robot inside the playing field that he had built for his Eagle Scout project. He is a member of the robotics team and wanted to incorporate his interests into his Eagle Scout project. [Wicked Local Staff Photo/ Robin Chan]

Meet Sully Mulhern, one of the latest Eagle Scouts to emerge from Troop 28.  The 17-year-old senior at Cohasset High School recently decided to integrate his passion for computers and robotics into his Eagle Scout project, which he hopes will serve the school’s robotics team for years to come.

“We didn’t have a field ourselves,” said Mulhern, “so when we would go to competitions, we would have to practice on the field there 10 minutes before the competition began.”

That’s when Mulhern said he was inspired to solve the problem.

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© 2018 Boy Scout Troop 28 - Boy Scouts of America